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Apricot Production and Fruit Types

Apricot Production and Fruit Types

Apricot Production and Fruit Types
Apricot Production and Fruit Types

Varieties of apricot fruit according to the shape;
1-Small fruity apricots: Walnuts are large and the beans are bitter.
2-Large fruit apricots: Walnut fruit is larger.
3-Peach Apricot: Fruit and seeds are flat. The beans are also painful.

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Varieties of apricot according to their intended use;

1-Table Apricots: Şekerpare, Damascus Apricot, Tokaloğlu, Alyanak, Şalak, Nancy, Tilton
2- Drying apricots: Hacıhaliloğlu, kovaşı, çataloğlu, tilton
3-Canned Apricots: Royal, Tilton Hungarian
important apricot varieties grown in the world and Turkey
Şekerpare Apricot Production: Especially growing in the Mediterranean region, the tree is growing strongly, fruits are large, fruit flesh is dark orange, splitting and abundant juices. It matures in the last weeks of June and the first weeks of July.

Apricot Trees and varieties;

Tokaloğlu Apricot Production: Tree grows strongly, fruit in medium size, amber yellow color, fragrant and small nuclei. Konya Yalova and Erzincan varieties are also common. It matures in the 3rd week of June and the 3rd week of July according to the region.
Damascus Apricot production: Large and broadly flourish. The tip of the nuclei is pointed.
Hacıhaliloğlu Apricot Production: It is the standard drying type of Malatya. The tree is erect and strong develops. Fruit is medium in size, one side is reddish, less watery, flavored and has small nuclei.